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Late on De-lurking Week at the Blend!

[UPDATE: just moving this back up to the top to encourage folks to de-lurk, lol. Enjoy.]

Elise at After School Snack has declared this to be commenter De-Lurking Week. Those of you that enjoy surfing to the Blend to read the content are encouraged to finally take that next step and start commenting.

The House Blend has a growing and loyal readership. Depending on which stats you view (SiteMeter or Webalizer), I average 800-1300 unique visits a day to the blog. Thank you folks for continuing to speak your mind and spur conversation. It’s odd, based on those stats,that more of you don’t jump in to comment. We love comments here. Thankfully, the troll factor is almost non-existent at the Blend, so you’re guaranteed to actually engage in discussion, rather than wade through dozens of meaningless comments or personal insults.

For commenting newbies ready to take the plunge:

* You can be anonymous. I have no need or desire to harvest or sell emails and spam anyone. There’s no need to put in an email address or in the Haloscan fields, just put in some sort of name so folks can respond directly to your comments.

* Share what you know. I learn stuff every day from readers, so share experiences and news you’ve come across while surfing. I may post fairly frequently (given the amount of actual free time I have, I still don’t know how I do it!), but I don’t have nearly enough time to read all the sh*t hitting the fan.

* Blogwhoring is A-OK at the Blend. If you’ve got a blog and have a great post or topic that you want to let people know about, post a link in the comments. I occasionally post Open Threads that don’t have a specific topic, which is a great venue to post something, but generally I don’t because more of you don’t de-lurk! I will do more if there is a demand. Therefore, feel free to indicate you’re posting something off-topic (OT) in a comment thread by saying something like “OT: I heard Freepers think Jim West is a perv, here’s a link.”

* Personal insults not OK. It’s fine to disagree on a topic or comment here; after all, this is a highly political blog. Even if most that surf here agree with me on many topics, I’m certain that others visit with different political perspectives that can challenge and inform everyone. I encourage folks to provide a good counter-argument, but personal insults to or about other commenters will get your ass will get banned if I see a pattern. For me, tossing personal virtual molotov cocktails at others in my space is not about community building, intellectual debate, or political strategizing. Trolls, there are plenty of blogs out there to get your rocks off abusing fellow commenters — don’t do it here. I want the Blend to be a pleasant place to stop, relax and take a break from the mundane and engage in civil discussions.

And finally, have fun, be irreverent. I do this because I enjoy discussing politics with people from around the world here on the Blend. It’s great to hear from people that enjoy my insane sensibilities.

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