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Kiss any hopes of queer dollars for 2008 goodbye, Kerry

Dear John Kerry,

Good luck raising any money from the homos if you run your slack ass again in 2008.

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A Boston Globe poll found that 71 percent of Democrats believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed, with 35 percent support for same-sex marriage among Republicans, 53 percent support among independents, and a 56 percent approval rating overall. Wouldn’t you think that it would require fairly small cojones to endorse adding a plank supporting gay marriage in your party’s state platform?

Not lame-ass John Kerry.

Kerry, who opposes same-sex marriage but supports civil unions, said in an interview with the Globe that he would prefer that the party not mention gay marriage in its platform, because Democrats continue to disagree on how to handle the issue.

”I’m opposed to it being in a platform. I think it’s a mistake,” Kerry said shortly after hosting a forum on his universal children’s healthcare bill in Baton Rouge. ”I think it’s the wrong thing, and I’m not sure it reflects the broad view of the Democratic Party in our state.”

Some analysts believe that the same-sex marriage issue contributed to Kerry’s loss to President Bush in last year’s presidential campaign. Kerry’s position puts him at odds with the state Democratic Party chairman and his fellow Bay State senator, Edward M. Kennedy, who is scheduled to address the party convention next weekend.

Kerry said he does not plan to attend this year’s state Democratic convention or to lobby against the same-sex marriage plank. He said he has not been closely monitoring debate over the state party platform.

The state party chairman, Philip W. Johnston, said Kerry’s opposition will not affect the party’s decision to support of same-sex marriage. When the party meets next Saturday in Lowell, he said, the platform is on track to be approved as it stands.

”I have great affection and respect for John, but I disagree on this issue,” Johnston said. ”It is important that the state Democratic Party support civil rights. We need to take a stand.”

Kennedy said through a spokeswoman that he backs inclusion of a statement in support of same-sex marriage in the platform. Kennedy is up for reelection next year and has strongly supported same-sex marriage, which has been legal in Massachusetts since May 2004, after a Supreme Judicial Court ruling.

Yeah, Dems can’t agree on the issue because they are too busy running away from it. You can’t strategize or re-frame if you’re too busy saying ‘yes massa’ to the Dobsons, Falwells, etc. and caving on “values” issues because they scare you. What you end up is the GOP actually able to siphon off some of the black religious vote because the Dems are too busy wringing their hands. It’s f*cking pathetic.

Kerry can’t have his “civil unions OK/gay marriage bad” cake and eat it too, unless he’s willing to have the platform state definitively that Dems strive for true civil marriage equivalence locally and at the Federal level. If he doesn’t, then he’s really advocating a separate and unequal designation, falling into the political trap and frame set by the GOP — conflating civil and religious marriage — instead of stepping out front with this topic as a true civil rights issue.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across the tired centrist sentiment that Dems need to just focus on getting a Dem in office and then worry about issues like gay rights and women’s reproductive freedom issues. This is bullsh*t.

Clinton gave us Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and DOMA, and even told Kerry to toss gays overboard to get the win in 2004. When we compromise and bite the bullet for the centrist Dem (after a condescending pat on the head to be quiet), we don’t get a return on the investment — and they definitely needed those queer dollars in the till. Kerry clearly had discomfort on the issue, and studiously avoided it as a true civil rights dilemma. He really wanted it to go away. Now we know that this is not a civil rights fight for him, but just another political football. Screw him.

(via AmericaBlog and Patrick O’Neill)

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