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More caving to the AmTaliban: We Are Family Foundation drops gay tolerance content

Donald Wildmon thought SpongeBob and Clifford, were being hijacked to help out the gay cabal. He won.

Last November, the We Are Family Foundation (WAFF) announced the production of a new music video for children using the 70s Sister Sledge disco tune, “We Are Family.” Voices and images of over 100 characters from children’s television, including Barney, Clifford and SpongeBob were included. A DVD version of the music video was created to promote tolerance and diversity; it also included three passing references to same-sex parents. The latter caused an uproar and a flooding of complaints by wingnut Donald Wildmon and the American Family Association after a January smear campaign riled up the fundatmentalist crowd.

In yet another example of ball-lessness, before the guide was sent out by WAFF to 61,000 public and private elementary schools in March, the DVD’s companion teacher’s guide underwent some “editing” and the references to same-sex parents are now nowhere to be found. Even so, Wildmon was still not happy with the revised guide’s encouragement to ask children to share ideas about what constitutes a “family.”

“I believe their primary reason for expanding the definition of family beyond the traditional model is to include homosexual couples.”

…Wildmon said activists and others sympathetic to the homosexual agenda should leave elementary schools out of it. “We will continue to vehemently oppose that effort,” he said. “While homosexuals can certainly love children as deeply as heterosexuals, we believe that the ideal setting for growing children includes both a mother and a father.”

This is incredible backpedaling by WAFF. It’s not as if exposing children to diverse families (multiracial, same-sex, interfaith, etc.) is going to destroy children. Exposing kids to a book about two mommies or two daddies is about acknowledging the reality that these families exist, not about exposure to sex, sexuality or anything else in the sick, perverted minds of the Right.

In the end, this is yet another example of the Reich wanting to re-closet and re-attach shame to being gay and lesbian. What is most distressing is that instead of taking a truly moral stand, we’re seeing easy capitulation by mainstream organizations to right-wing pressure that recalls the mountain of animosity toward interracial relationships and integration. The mainstream continues to run scared.

The feedback form for the AFA is here.
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