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'Ex-gay' mentality seeps into the U.S. District Court

Dumb*ss U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams agrees with the ‘ex-gay’ whack jobs on Montgomery County’s new health curriculum — it got deep-sixed because it urges tolerance toward gays and lesbians.

The discredited ‘ex-gay’ movement scores a win in Baltimore at the expense of teaching facts and tolerance. Man, this evening’s news surfing is depressing. (

A federal judge Thursday issued a restraining order blocking Montgomery County public schools from instituting a new health curriculum that seeks to provide positive information for LGBT students.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays filed suit earlier this week, accusing the school district of “denigrating” so-called former gays in the materials to be used in the course. The suit accused the school board of “an irrational phobia of the ex-gay community,” and “urges censorship of ex-gay materials in our schools.”

The group also claimed that because the course listed gay-positive churches and religious groups but not conservative churches opposed to homosexuality the school district was favoring some religions over others.

U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams agreed, saying that the program depicts some Christian sects, notably Baptists, as unenlightened and Biblically misguided. “The court is extremely troubled by the willingness of the defendants to venture, or perhaps more correctly, bound, into the crossroads of controversy where religion, morality and homosexuality converge,” Williams said.

House Blenders will recall the post on P-FOX’s ludicrous “Ex-Gay” & “Everstraight” Student Club initiative. One of P-FOX’s leaders, Richard Cohen, was even expelled from the American Counseling Association for unethical behavior. This is the group Judge Williams sided with. Sickening.

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Pam Spaulding