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Could the DeLay mess slime all the way to the WH?

Looks like BradBlog is about to break a big story that takes Tom DeLay’s fundraising scandal right up to Chimpy and Darth’s door. Keep an eye out.


Also, two Repugs, Lamar Smith of Texas and Tom Cole of Oklahoma, just stepped aside from service on the DeLay investigation panel because of a conflict of interest – they made contributions to the slimeball majority leader’s defense funds. (AP):

Smith contributed $5,000 last year to help DeLay defend himself in the ethics probe, a potential problem because one of the matters under investigation was deferred. That issue, involving corporate contributions in Texas to a political committee started by DeLay, could be revived after Texas authorities conclude a criminal investigation.

Smith also contributed $5,000 in 2000 to help DeLay’s defense against a civil lawsuit. Cole donated $5,000 last year, during the ethics committee’s investigation.

Smith, a former ethics committee chairman, said in a statement, “I continue to believe that I could judge this matter fairly and I remain committed to judging other matters that come before the committee fairly.

“However, any decision of the committee on any matter relating to Mr. DeLay will come under intense scrutiny. To ensure that any decision is final and not subject to any question, I believe it will be in the best interests of all concerned to recuse myself in such a situation.”

No sh*t.

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