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Another sleazy Repug gay hypocrite outed

Jim-boy admits trolling for sexual partners on, and “used the trappings of the mayor’s office to entice and influence young men he met on a gay Web site.”

The Mayor of Spokane, Repug Jim West, has been outed and it’s not pretty. JJ over at Big Brass Blog lives in Spokane, and he’s got the goods on this bastard.

West abmits to soliciting men on GAY.Com. He also made headlines as early as last week for threatening to veto the newly passed domestic partnership benefits for Spokane City employees.

Apparently the guy has been living a dual life for years and bitches about sex nazis.

Yeah, well he needs to be added to the new and improved Conservative Values Monitor (right, Russ!). The Spokesman Review gets to the depths of this homophobe’s unconscionable legislative behavior:

West and 14 other Republicans reacted strongly to Gov. Booth Gardner’s Christmas Eve 1985 executive order banning discrimination in state hiring based on sexual orientation.

Their 1986 bill, which failed, would have barred gay men and lesbians from working in schools, day-care centers and some state agencies. It called for screening prospective employees for sexual orientation and firing employees whose homosexuality became known.

The bill prompted a Spokesman-Review op-ed column by Jeannette Loehr, spokeswoman for the Spokane Gay Leadership Coalition.

West’s bill is “police-state” legislation that stirs up “the fears of the ignorant and the hatred of the bigoted,” Loehr wrote.

In 1986, West voted to bar the state from distributing pamphlets telling people how to protect themselves from AIDS during sex. He said such instruction “is something people go buy at dirty bookstores.”

West became chairman of the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee in 1990, a key post for legislation involving medicine and public health issues. That year, the Washington State Medical Association named him legislator of the year.

During a 1990 hearing on AIDS education, West proposed that teen sex be criminalized.

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