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Another Mike Tidmus laff-a-thon with Chimpy

He’s at it again with P’shop. Chimpy says: “take my wife…please.”

Mike Tidmus is always sending some really great stuff to the Blend. Look what he’s done to the Reuters collage of Chimpy that I posted earlier this week. His copy is equally funny:

Roving reporter Jim-Jeff-Joe-Bob Gannon-Guckert has seen Dubbie’s stage act seventeen times, and he still walks away from each show with a shit-eatin’ grin on his face. Now semi-retired, Gannon-Guckert reveals, “Ken Mehlman, Scottie McClellan and I watched Dubbie rehearse his act in the Lincoln Bedroom dozens of times until his timing and delivery were absolutely pitch-perfect. The man has talent to spare and then some! He can belt out a show tune like nobody’s business, and his Ethel Merman impression is to die for! Genuine talent like Dubbie’s certainly explains his loyal following among 23% of the gays.”

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