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Army recruiters tell HS student to lie out of his *ss to get signed up

High school student journalist David McSwane on the shameful, illegal tactics used to recruit: “I was shocked. I’m sitting there looking at a poster that says ‘Integrity, Honor, Respect,’ and he is telling me to lie.”

What about honor when serving your country? The Army is so desperate to try and make recruiting goals that it’s willing to ask unqualified young people to fake diplomas and work around drug tests to become rocket grenade targets over in Iraq. (CBS):

Seventeen-year-old high school journalist and honor student David McSwane is just what Army recruiters are looking for, but he suspected they might be lowering their standards, reports Rick Sallinger of CBS News Denver affiliate KCNC.

“I wanted to see how far the army would go during a war to get one more soldier,” McSwane said. So he showed up at a Golden Colorado recruiting office saying he was a dropout.

No problem, the recruiter said – and told McSwane in a phone call he recorded – to create a fake diploma from a non-existent school. “It can be like Faith Hill Baptist School or something – whatever you choose,” the recruiter said.

So McSwane went on-line, got a phony grade transcript and a diploma with the name of the school the recruiter suggested and turned it in.

…Then the high school senior told the recruiter: “I have a problem with drugs. I can’t kick the habit – just marijuana.”

The recruiter suggested purchasing a detoxification kit.
“The two times I had the guys use it – it’s worked both times. We didn’t have to worry about anything,” the recruiter said.

…Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Brodeur who heads Army recruiting for the Colorado region did not defend the recruiters.

“Let me tell you something sir. I’m a soldier and have been a soldier for 20 years,” Broderu said. “This violates trust, it violates integrity, it violates honor, and it violates duty.”

The whole thing begs the question – what the hell kind of pressures are these recruiters under from superiors that would make them take these extreme, dumb*ss measures to fatten the sign up roster? Maybe these losers got their diplomas online too.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding