It’s all fun and games until you start choking your mistress

When backrubs go awry:

A woman accused Pennsylvania Rep. Don Sherwood of trying to choke her during an encounter at the congressman’s Capitol Hill apartment last fall, but police found insufficient evidence to file charges.

According to the police report, the incident involving Sherwood, 64, a married four-term Republican congressman, and Cynthia Ore, 29, of Rockville, Md., occurred on the afternoon of Sept. 15. The officer responding to the call did not arrest anyone, ”based on interviews with both parties and no physical evidence of injury” to Ore.


In a telephone interview Tuesday, Ore said she met Sherwood at a Young Republicans meeting in 1999 and that they had a relationship that lasted over the years.


According to the police report, Ore called 911 on her cell phone from Sherwood’s bathroom and reported that Sherwood had ”choked her for no apparent reason.” Both parties said he was giving her a back rub, but he said she ”jumped up” and ran to the bathroom.

Police said Ore changed her account during an interview with police, saying nothing had happened, but added that the woman ”did not seem to be of sound mind,” the report said.

Now if I remember back to my dating days (when I was way smooth) it seemed that a backrub usually led to gradual fondling, licking, frenzied groping, followed by frantic wet sounds as opposed to tracheal crushing and panicky phone calls, but, oh these kids these days with their funny notions about sex.

But, then again, Don Sherwood ain’t exactly a kid.

Oh those crazy Greatest Generation guys and their funny notions about sex….

Next time, Don…try the falafel. We hear chicks really dig it.

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