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You Gotta Bow Before Genius

It’s back…we demanded, TBogg delivered…more Jonah Goldberg Fan Fic:

NRO post day nine

Today is a bad day. A dr named Juan Cole made fun of me and my artical on Irak but its not my fault I just rote waht the readers told me. The englsh guy taht they call Derb said to not worry and taht he was wrong all of the time and no body cares and besides dr Cole teaches at some small colege no body has ever herd of. Also somone stole my lunch today. I think it was Ramesh.

He looks like Apu.

If you’ve missed previous installments, do yourself a favor and catch up on the series: Part One – Jonah and the Ocean of Lotion (“This pudgy slightly damp man who smelled of Ding Dongs and Hai Karate and danger”), Part Two – Doughy Pantload Tonight (“Look, lady,” Jonah said to her, “is there anything here besides yourself, the Stargate and the sarcophagus and those donuts on that table over there? Because we’re tired, we’re hungry and I left my asthma puffer in my other pants”), and Part Three – It Was A Dark and Jonah Night (He was about 5′ 7″, scruffy brown hair, little piggy eyes, garbed in Dockers and a black Billy Joel River of Dreams tour t-shirt that was bunched up around his man-boobs.)

I’m not worthy.

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