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Disappointment to My Parents Meme

I’ve been tagged by Shakes Sis on the latest meme-go-round…

I’m not sure who came up with this one, but we’ll see if I can supply some interesting info. Given my degree is in Media Studies (journalism/filmmaking) and I ended up in IT, that tells you I didn’t have a clear career path in mind, but I don’t think I was a disappointment to my mom. That said, here are my responses:

If I could be a scientist…Hmmm…I would be working on cures for chronic diseases that have not been able to be cured (AIDS, diabetes, etc.). These are diseases that thankfully can be maintained, yet are still life threatening and expensive to treat (thus you have Big Pharma with no incentive to “cure” diseases in this category — maintenance means big profit). If there were a way to eliminate these diseases, it might attack some of the spiraling costs of health care.

If I could be a musician…I always dream of being able to sing – obviously voice is an instrument – and earn a living that way. My family is notoriously tone deaf so any possibility if this happening is non-existent.

If I could be a doctor… I would find a way to work within the system for change in our health care system, creating consumer ratings for doctors so that they could be held accountable for bad bedside manner, and to encourage the training of those soft skills that are so clearly missing. If that fails, then I want Sanjay Gupta’s job — so I can be a medical know-it-all.

If I could be a painter… I would be painting murals to help beautiful the the downtown districts of cities around the country helping to draw people back into living in-town.

If I could be an innkeeper… You would find me hosting a nice gay friendly B&B; in the NC mountains or its beaches.

Ah, who to tag…I think The Dark Wraith shall provide good reading on this one, and I’m going to tag Birmingham, AL-based Pierce of Piercing Wit, because I’m going to be heading down to the city in a couple of weeks — into the belly of the beast — my racist, homophobic in-laws’ house. Plus it’s in a state that is probably the worst place to be gay in America. Heaven help me. I shall be blogging while there.

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