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Photo on a cell phone = 'honor killing' in Jordan

Women’s rights are in a sad state in much of the third world, from ritual genital mutilation in many African countries to legal ‘honor killings‘ in Jordan, Morocco and Syria, one has to be thankful we live in the U.S. We have to be alarmed and angry that our rights are slowly being eroded or threatened because of religious extremism by the Am Taliban, but it’s the practices like this killing that make your blood boil and your heart sink for women in these countries. (AFP):

A Jordanian man shot dead his divorced sister after seeing her photo on his friend’s camera-equipped cellphone in the latest “honour” killing in the kingdom, hospital officials said Monday. The unidentified man shot the 31-year-old mother twice in the head Sunday night and then turned himself in to police saying he committed the murder to “cleanse his family’s honour”.

The incident is the fifth example of a so-called honour killing in Jordan this year. Those found guilty usually face sentences of a maximum of one year in jail under Jordanian law. Last month, a man stabbed his sister to death after finding out she had agreed an unofficial marriage with a man who subsequently disappeared.

At least 19 women lost their lives in honour killings in Jordan last year, according to the local press.

The link to the information on honor killing notes that while this is prevalent in Muslim-majority countries, the practice is actually pre-Islamic, based on “the patriarchal and patrilineal society’s interest in keeping strict control over familial power structures.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding