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Denny's at it again: FL men sue after being called 'bin Ladens'

Ehab Mohamed: “We are in fear of being discriminated everywhere we go.”

Is it just me, or do you think that this chain has a recruiting program for prejudiced crackers? Denny’s has had to deal with numerous discrimination lawsuits all over the country because, of all things, they seem to have a problem receiving cold hard cash from paying customers simply because they are not white.

One case in 1994 was settled for $54.4 million that involved Denny’s asking blacks to prepay for meals. Since then, Denny’s has been slapped with at least six more discrimination lawsuits — by African-Americans and Hispanics — and at least another two cases involving discrimination against people of Middle Eastern descent. Here’s another (with Freeper reaction to the story following)… (Newsday):

Seven men of Middle Eastern descent have sued a Denny’s restaurant in Florida City, claiming the restaurant refused to serve them.

Ehab Albarabi, Nabil Arafat, Usama El-A-Baidy, Esam Hessein, Mohammad Natour, Usama Mohamed and Ehab Mohamed, all of Boca Raton, filed the civil rights suit April 22 in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. They seek $4 million each from the owner and a former manager of the restaurant. The suit alleges that last year the restaurant discriminated against the men and humiliated them.

“We certainly are very hurt by all of this,” 31-year-old Ehab Mohamed said Wednesday. “We are in fear of being discriminated everywhere we go.”

The men decided to stop for food at the Denny’s in Florida City shortly after 2 a.m. on Jan. 11, 2004, attorney Alan Kauffman said. According to the suit, the discrimination started when the waitress who took their drink orders took “an unusually long time” to bring their drinks and take their food order.

After waiting more than one hour, Albarabi asked manager Eduardo Ascano about the delay. According to the suit, Ascano called the men “Bin Ladens,” referring to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

After waiting another 30 minutes, El-A-Baidy questioned the manager about the remark and delay. According to the suit, Ascano said, “We don’t serve Bin Laden’s here … You’re not welcome here anymore.”

You can see video here.

The Freepi here spew some of the most hateful crap I’ve seen in a long while. It makes me sick…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Ha..Ha..Ha….Get over it…You need to stop your kind from killing people because they are not Muslims….”

“Two guys named Osama, a guy named Arafat and a guy named Hussein. Boy, I hope a Denny’s manager doesn’t make a crack about Nazis if he gets a customer named Adolph Hilter.”

Why didn’t they just self detonate?

“I think there may be more to this story. They just sat there for an hour politely waiting? I wouldn’t have. Anyway. I didn’t see anything about them being American. I would like to know where they were going at 2 am.”

“In case you haven’t figured it out, you’re not welcome in this country anymore. Get out, and take your friends and relatives with you.”

“We fear your kind…car bombs, hijacked airplanes, bulking belts, beheadings, honor killings, all are associated with Islam and Muslims….so yeah…I’m gonna look twice and the second look ain’t love.”

“Thought just occurred to me – instead of sueing people because there is a finger in your chile – change your name to Osama benladen – then when some one makes a crack about your name sue them. That was you don’t have to commit a crime to get the ball rolling.”

“yeah, and since this is a free country I am free to not like someone by their nationality if we are at war with it! considering the names their countrymen are calling ours (include cutting off their heads!) I’d say SUCK IT UP ASSHOLES AND DON’T THINK WE’RE ABOUT PAYING MILLIONS FOR HURT FEELINGS and while we’re at it….the american people have been about as pc as we’re gonna be with you people, thank your lucky stars that we went so far as to NOT inter you in camps or ship you back to your homeland, or beat you sensless! Your lucky you can fly on planes or eat in our restaraunts since we are at war with your kind at the moment and you don’t have to common sense to take the towel off your head and be understanding of the position we’re in! I swear to god that if these guys get a dime I’m gonna sue the next towelhead i see for offending my sensibilities while we’re at war with their dress.”

“Calling them bin Ladens was uncalled for. Should have called them disciples of a mentally unbalanced bandit pedophile.”

“Don’t most eating establishments have a “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” sign?” [Is this knuckle-dragger kidding?]

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