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Check out Pensito Review on the Governator's woes

I just surfed over to Pensito Review for interesting insight on Ahnold‘s plummeting poll numbers in California — and the ouster of Education Secretary Richard Riordan. Jon says:

After Schwarzenegger’s election, he tapped Riordan to be Education Secretary, but the only news Dick has made during his tenure was when he told a young girl that her name – Isis – meant “dirty, stupid girl.” He later tried to explain this by saying it was a joke. Republican humor must be oblique to the rest of us.

After promising not to cut funding for education in the state, Schwarzenegger immediately “borrowed” $2 billion from the education budget which he now says he has no intention of repaying. Teachers have pummeled him in a $5 million ad blitz, protesters are dogging the Governor’s personal appearances and his poll numbers down – so, obviously, Riordan had to go.

It’s a good read. Check it out.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding