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Bibles in the TX classroom — no problem

What separation of church and state? (WaPo):

The school board in this West Texas town voted unanimously to add a Bible class to its high school curriculum.

Hundreds of people, most of them supporters of the proposal, packed the board meeting Tuesday night. More than 6,000 Odessa residents had signed a petition supporting the class. Some residents, however, said the school board acted too quickly. Others said they feared a national constitutional fight.

Barring any hurdles, the class should be added to the curriculum in fall 2006 and taught as a history or literature course. The school board still must develop a curriculum, which board member Floy Hinson said should be open for public review.

The board had heard a presentation in March from Mike Johnson, a representative of the Greensboro, N.C.-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, who said that coursework designed by that organization is not about proselytizing or preaching.

See the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of the organization here. Lest you think the mission of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is benign and only about the Bible as literature, take a look at some of the folks endorsing its mission (links go to my earlier posts on these organizations):

* Liberty Counsel (Jerry Falwell and legal bootlicker, Mathew Staver)

* N.C. Family Policy Council (local wingnut organization)

* Stephen Melchior, Attorney, representing Judge Roy Moore in the Ten Commandments Case

* Southern Baptist Convention

* Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)

* Concerned Women for America (Beverly LaHaye and Robert H. Knight)

* Family Research Council President, Tony Perkins

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