Another day, another revelation about Bolton…from members of Republican administrations:

A former senior intelligence official, who was responsible for coordinating American intelligence assessments, directed his staff in 2003 to strongly resist assertions that John R. Bolton sought to make about Syria’s weapons programs in Congressional testimony, the official, Robert L. Hutchings, said in an interview on Wednesday.

Mr. Hutchings, now assistant dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, was at that time the chairman of the National Intelligence Council, whose members clashed with Mr. Bolton, the under secretary of state for arms control, over what the intelligence officials regarded as his inflated assessment of the Syrian threat.


On Thursday, John C. Whitehead, who was deputy secretary of state under President Reagan, said in an interview that he had urged Republican senators to oppose Mr. Bolton’s nomination on the ground that Mr. Bolton was “a difficult person to work with” who would not command respect at the United Nations.

“I think good Republicans, which I like to feel I am, don’t like to disagree with the president publicly, and so have been reluctant to speak out against him,” Mr. Whitehead said of Mr. Bolton. “But there are other people, in addition to those who have come forth, who would like to see a change made. I don’t like to see the president suffer a loss, and I’ve been hoping that Mr. Bolton would withdraw, having seen the opposition out there.”

We expect that the boys over at Power Line will soon be pointing out that Hutchings and Whitehead were once seen having lunch with a Democratic senator and therefore are probably traitors and America haters….

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