Well if San Diego didn’t tip her off…

Local radio racist Roger Hedgecock takes his local band of slackjawed rubes listeners to DC where concerned congressmen will nod their heads as if they care never letting on that they are really thinking about where their next lobbyist check will be coming from:

LaVerne Hidden no longer wanders her Dulzura property without a gun. A.D. McFarlane wants to ensure that his six grandchildren can find jobs. And a Chula Vista woman who goes only by “Mary” is annoyed when she hears store clerks speaking Spanish.


Mary, who would only give her first name, lives in Chula Vista and seethes when store clerks speak a language – usually Spanish, she says – that she can’t understand.

“This is the United States, and we speak English,” she said.

Chula Vista is a stones throw from Tijuana. If you don’t want to hear people speaking in Spanish…don’t live by the freaking border.

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