I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

If there was one moment when it should have become apparent to everyone that the Great Iraqi Democracy Crusade and Country Bear Jamboree was a boondoggle of EuroDisney proportions it probably came on this day, this morning, this moment when the Iraqi governing council selected convicted embezzler Ahmad Chalabi as it’s “Oil Minister“.

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, whose government list was approved by parliament on Thursday, has vowed to make permanent appointments swiftly to several ministries for which he tapped acting ministers, such as oil and defense.

But Western and Iraqi oil executives said Chalabi, once tipped to be a leader in Iraq before he fell out with his U.S. backers, might take precious little time to try and make his mark on the oil sector, home to 115 billion barrels of reserves.

Chalabi’s aides believe the former financier could head the ministry indefinitely in the absence of consensus over a permanent replacement.

“Dr. Ahmad may remain oil minister for weeks or months. It depends on reaching a political agreement,” Nabil al-Moussawi, a senior Chalabi aide told Reuters.

We would expect the All American Oil-For-Food Boys Choir and He-Man’s Club to be in full-throated ululation over this…but so far it’s just been the sound of crickets and a train in the distance.

(Note: Heading is the name of a very good band. I thought it was perfect here)

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