So good I had to copy it here…

James Wolcott:

Bush’s privatization scheme is dead and too dumb to fall over, to borrow a line from Rita Mae Brown. Today in the NY Times, Congressman Charlie Rangel recounts a conversation with Bush over private accounts. Listen closely and you can hear the steel in Bush’s spine stiffening as he postures for posterity. Rangel urges Bush to take private accounts off the table, and Bush replies:

“Congressman, I am the president. [As if Rangel needed reminding which office Bush held.] And private accounts are not coming off the table even if it’s the last day I spend in the presidency.”

Oooh, so last man at the Alamo.

You know, I had intended to go the LA Book Festival on Sunday to worship at Wolcott’s feet, but parental soccer duties detoured me away from UCLA. I am so not happy about that.

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