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Please, not the 'ex-gay' crap again

Stephen Bennett of Stephen Bennett Ministries was a practicing homosexual for 11 years before becoming a Christian and “leaving the lifestyle.”

Just plain deception and pathetic bullsh*t from American Family Association’s wingnut propaganda organ Agape Press, Former Homosexual Reaches Out to Hurting Homosexual Community.

AFAJ: Do you think your own past as a homosexual makes you more compassionate?

No doubt about it. I’ve lived in a glass house, so I’ve learned not to throw stones. As a former homosexual, I believe I know what works and what doesn’t work in approaching that community. Of course, I’m still in the learning process — I haven’t arrived, by any means.

AFAJ: How does the media handle your claim to be an “ex-gay”?

I very rarely get any respect from the media as an ex-gay man. Former homosexuals are made to look like clowns, like laughingstocks. I was on a CNN show and I was introduced as a ‘self-described former homosexual,’ and others have done the same thing. When they do that I correct them immediately. I am a former homosexual. Period.

…AFAJ: How do homosexuals respond when you say you’ve left the lifestyle?

Some will listen, and say they have never heard that before and are really intrigued by the message and are open to hearing about it. And on a regular basis we keep in contact with many of those active homosexuals who are curious.

But in most cases, they will tell me I was never “gay” in the first place. And I tell them, “Yeah, you go and ask my 100-plus partners how ‘gay’ I was not.” I was “gay.” Many homosexuals are in extreme denial, and I believe, again, that it’s based upon all the rejection they’ve experienced. So when someone tells them, “I’ve come out of the lifestyle,” they will just verbally attack you. One of my favorite analogies is that the thing a smoker hates the most is an ex-smoker. It’s the same situation with homosexuals.

…Stephen Bennett Ministries has produced a brand new one-hour audio CD, “The 10 Most Effective Ways to Reach the Homosexual for Christ.” This special CD not only contains Bennett’s personal testimony of how he left the homosexual lifestyle, but also instruction about what to do and what not to do in ministering to members of the homosexual community.

…”The whole point of the CD is to develop a heart for the homosexual,” said Bennett. “While it is critical for churches to resist the effort to normalize homosexuality in our society, it is equally important for the church to reach out to these hurting, broken people.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding