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NC gay-bashing legislator pushes state marriage amendment via radio ads

NC Senator Fred Smith, at the podium, is a sponsor of the state marriage amendment and is featured in a new radio spot funded a conservative group.

Seems like it’s homo-bigot chasing day here at the House Blend. Now we take a look at the efforts of Johnston County Republican State Senator Fred Smith, a redneck bigot that is hell-bent on enshrining discrimination in our state constitution. The latest crap is a radio ad to help drum up support by putting pressure on Senate Pro Tem Marc Basnight to put the amendment to a vote. (N&O;):

A fire is about to be lit under the same-sex marriage issue in the legislature. A national conservative group will begin a statewide radio campaign Wednesday to pressure the legislature to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

The ad campaign goes after state Senate leader Marc Basnight, a Democrat, while trumpeting the efforts of state Sen. Fred Smith, a Johnston County Republican.

The liberal politicians in Raleigh are refusing to give the Defense of Marriage Act a fair hearing,” the ad says. “Help state Senator Fred Smith fight for our North Carolina values. Call Senate Pro Tem Marc Basnight at (919) 733-6854 and urge him to allow a vote on the Defense of Marriage Act.”

North Carolina law prohibits same-sex marriages, but Smith’s bill aims to define marriage as between a man and a woman and put it in the constitution.

David Keene, the group’s chairman, said that without a constitutional amendment “creating protection of traditional marriage between one man and one woman, a court decision can make the changes in North Carolina law.”

The group is expected to run the ads for two or three months on talk and Christian radio stations, including a station in Basnight’s home county of Dare.

Although the American Conservative Union is nonpartisan, the radio ad can be seen in one light as the opening guns of the 2008 governor’s race. Many expect Smith to seek the GOP nomination for governor.

For more information on NC’s state amendment, see an earlier Blend post, North Carolina’s constitution is under attack. It includes a wingnut gallery of all the elected homo-bigots that are have signed on to the bill and their contact info. To start off, here’s Smith:

Senator Fred Smith (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5748, Email:
Counties Represented: Johnston, Wayne

and his cracker partner in crime:

Senator James Forrester (Rep)
Joint Republican Caucus Leader
2005-2006 Session
(919) 715-3050
District: 41
Counties Represented: Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln

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