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Canada's marriage bill is in jeopardy

Prime Minister Paul Martin’s government may be tossed out because of scandals, jeopardizing the passage of the gay marriage bill. Conservative Stephen Harper smells blood — if he’s elected, he wants to annul gay marriages.

House Blend reader Cat keeps me updated on the status of the marriage bill in Canada that would extend gay civil marriage country wide. The majority of the territories and provinces have legalized gay marriage, but this would solidify and endorse equal marriage as a nation. [In fact, four New Brunswick gay couples filed papers with the Court of Appeal this week, asking it to redefine the legal meaning of marriage in the province.]

There are enough supportive MPs to pass Bill C-38, but it’s in trouble, due to the unrelated political scandals swirling around the Liberal government that may end up in an election call, with the Conservatives waiting in the wings.

If an election is called before the bill passes, then it will die. Equal marriage will then be a live issue in the campaign. The bottom line is that if Stephen Harper becomes Prime Minister, it’s possible that he will do away civil marriage from same-sex couples — and annul existing same-sex marriages and water them down to civil unions.

Kate and I were married in Vancouver last year, and this fight is important. The hate-filled forces here have been sending money and people there to prevent passage of this bill. They know if Canada “falls” and allows gay marriage country-wide, that it’s very normality will give the US no reason to outlaw it. Stopping gay marriage in Canada for them is setting up a fire break to contain the spread of freedom and tolerance southward to the U.S.

Canadians for Equal Marriage is trying to combat the efforts of Focus on the Family, Defend Marriage and the other far-Reich marriage opponents that are mobilizing for an election and determined to turn back the clock on LGBT rights in Canada. They have an uphill battle — the Right has money, and is using a phone campaign to target key areas to mobilize support and is funding a massive advertising campaign against equal marriage. Visit the site.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding