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Bill Gates's ass is on fire now

Pious Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer — kiss my lesbo rear-end and like it.

Microsoft may rethink position on gay-rights bill. The hot flames of the homo outrage have Bill Gates feeling some serious PR pain. House Blender Paul points to a Seattle Times article that shows there’s serious backpeddling going on.

Microsoft may re-evaluate whether to support state legislation that would ban discrimination against gays and lesbians, Chairman Bill Gates said yesterday.

Gates said Microsoft was surprised by the sharp reaction after it became known that the company took a neutral position on the perennial measure this year, after actively supporting it in previous years.

“Next time this one comes around, we’ll see,” he said. “We certainly have a lot of employees who sent us mail. Next time it comes around that’ll be a major factor for us to take into consideration.”

…Advocacy groups still feel betrayed. The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center demanded the return of an award it gave the company in 2001.

Gates welcomed the feedback.

“It’s perfectly fair for us to be scrutinized on anything,” he said. “We didn’t realize that one would get that level of scrutiny, but there’s people who care a lot. They care a lot about the issue.”

Is he f*cking dumb? How could he not know that getting in bed with the Reich wasn’t going to cause a sh*tstorm?!

Guess what Bill, it’s not over till fundy Ralph Reed stops getting paid $20K a month by your company.

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