Civilty vs. trenchant analysis

The delightfully tousled Byron York:

The cover of the new American Prospect magazine:

Tom DeLay
In Trouble.

From the civil-when-he’s-not-jacked-up-on-crank Rush Limbaugh:

I happen to have the latest story on all of this. This is about the judges and the deal and compromise. The New York Times, let’s look at them first today: “Senators May Compromise to End Impasse on Judges.” Stand by for brilliant commentary and analysis of this, things you haven’t heard anywhere else, folks. I’m serious. Anybody can read the news to you. It’s what you do with it that counts. “Senators May Compromise to End Impasse on Judges.” There is an interesting line here. This is by Carl Hulse at the New York Times. We need an investigation of Carl Hulse. Someone needs to find out who he is, where he went to school, if he flunked out, what kind of grades he got, if he’s ever been drunk, did he get anybody knocked up in high school? Someone needs to do an expose of Carl Hulse, just for the hell of it. Just so he can find out what it’s like.

Looks like someone is still a little miffed about leaks about his butt-boil, drug problems, and his inability to satisfy a woman.

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