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Phelps fag-haters greeted with a big wet one in Albuquerque

In this story, he was picketing in Sante Fe and Albuquerque, NM against the “sodomite whorehouses masking as churches,” and “godless Sante Fe promotes itself as a vacation spot for fags and a fag festival.” You get the idea. It gives us to try when The Rotting Cryptkeeper comes to Durham on May 6-7. (

Stunned that protesters were flashing hateful anti-gay messages to traffic along a busy street on the weekend, Chris Lucas had to pull over to join a counter-protest. Then, just as spontaneously, Lucas found a way to stun the protesters. The 31-year-old massage therapist and a man he just met locked in a passionate kiss just feet from the protesters.

“I know the protesters were shouting things at me, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying,” said Lucas, who is gay. “I had my eyes closed. It was actually kind of liberating to do this.” The kiss was one of several creative responses to a demonstration by 20 members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. The group travels the country to rally against homosexuality.

These young adults need to know there is a hell and there is a judgment day on which they will be judged for their sins,” said church member Deborah Hockenbarger, 51. “We are trying to warn them about their filthiness. It is not OK to be a fag. God almighty says so.”

Hockenbarger waved a sign that read: “Fags are worthy of death.” Other church members took shots at Catholicism with signs that read: “Pope in Hell” and “Your pastor is a whore.” They view the church as a pro-gay institution.

About 40 gay rights supporters reacted by waving white cloths they called angel wings, dressing up their dogs with slogan T-shirts, chanting or simply quietly turning their backs on the protesters.

Jacob Phelps, the 21-year-old grandson of Westboro’s pastor Fred Phelps, said his church teaches that God hates homosexuals.

“We wouldn’t be here doing this protest if we hated people absolutely,” he said. “What we’re expressing is not our hate, it’s God’s hate. That’s a pure hate. It’s the only kind of hate allowed. I feel this is my obligation to God.”

The Westboro Church began its anti-gay demonstrations about 15 years ago. Targets include churches — even conservative ones — that the congregation deems too soft on homosexuality and labels “fag-enablers.”

Jessica Bachicha, 35, repeated the words of Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez who said the Westboro protesters weren’t welcomed in this city. “We don’t need them coming to pollute our city or state with hate,” said Bachicha, a lesbian.

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