Hot times in San Diego

Just months after a disputed election and a week after being named one of America’s Worst Mayors, San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy resigns. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the pension board mess that Murphy is knee-deep in.

We’ve had a lot of bad mayors in San Diego, but Murphy (as bad as he is) is far from the worst. Susan Golding who sold out the city to San Diego Charger’s owner Alex Spanos for his support of her stillborn Senate campaign is the hands-down worst, beating out Frank Curran (taxi kickback scandal) and Roger Hedgecock (perjurer).

So now we’ll probably get a special election and if Donna Frye runs (which I suspect she will) it will be one of the ugliest campaigns ever in San Diego. The business establishment hates Donna Frye.

(Disclosure: Donna Frye is an acquaintance of mine. We worked together on getting the Capehart Dog Park in Pacific Beach funded)

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