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Gay news roundup and incredible sh*t over at DKos

UPDATE (8 PM): I’m moving the DKos stuff up to the top, because it’s getting to me. What on earth possessed him to do this?

There is an ad appearing in the classified section of Daily Kos that is unfortunately real…(I took a screenshot it case it “disappears”). I’ve just gotten confirmation that BlogAds classifieds are indeed reviewed by the site owner and approved to run. There is no reason than Kos could have “missed” this; he chose to accept the money and run the ad. The almighty dollar cannot be worth shilling for a wingnut outfit, this vendor is called ShopMetrospy:

Looking up this outfit, I found this information:

METROSPY, based in San Bernardino, CA is a designer and marketer of politically conservative apparel, gifts and accessories. The company”s target consumers are the growing number of young Republican conservatives ages 18 – 35. MetroSpy markets t-shirts, jackets and caps printed with edgy, often controversial political slogans. The company has recently added posters, wristbands and key chains to its product mix. MetroSpy currently employs 7 full and part time employees with annual sales of $500,000.

There’s plenty more garbage on its web site, but I’m not providing a link to it here. Someone over at DKos needs to explain this sh*t pronto.

[UPDATE]: Shakes Sis comments on her blog with the following:

I don’t know whether Kos has to approve the ads that go on his site or not, but surely by now he or one of his writers has seen it. Is Kos’ opinion that money from his ads is worth more than preventing homophobic sentiments from running on the biggest Lefty site? Does this have anything to do with Kos’ curious assertion that gays “might or might not qualify for ‘minority’ status”?

This is pretty discouraging, I have to say. Although there’s some satisfaction to be gained knowing that a company like this is helping pay for Daily Kos, that the content of its ad includes what can only be described as a thinly veiled threat against gays (or was that odd juxtaposition between killing bugs and the rights of gay men just coincidence?) surely warrants its deletion.

I certainly hope that the ad is removed from the site.

I wrote Kos a few minutes ago (like I expect a response, but whatever — I fear the big lefty blogosphere will circle the wagons on this one):


Why on earth are you running a classified ad for [Metrospy’s link]?

The text is profoundly offensive: “We don’t have a problem with gays. They should have all the same rights as heterosexual men. They should be allowed to marry the woman of their choice.”

I understand you need to pay for the site, but damn, don’t you have standards? It’s painful to see something like that running on a progressive site.



Back to the news roundup…

This has been a tough week for the homos. We’ve gotten good news and bad news, but we’re still here and we won’t be quiet.

The Good

* Connecticut passes civil unions. The state became the first to legalize civil unions for gay couples without the prodding of a court. The State Senate voted 26-8 in favor of establishing civil unions giving same-sex couples all of the rights afforded married couples under state law, such as inheritance and hospital visitation. The law takes effect on Oct. 1.

* Spain nears approval of gay marriage. The bill, which also will pave the way for gay couples to adopt children, will now go to the Senate — where the Socialists have ample support — for final approval. Belgium and the Netherlands are the only two other European countries that have legalized gay marriages. Representatives of gay and lesbian groups cheered and applauded from the chamber’s public gallery when the vote result was read out. The bill passed by a 183-136 vote, with six abstentions. Pope Ratz went apeshit and delivered his response via one of his homophobe lackeys.

* Virginia ordered to honor gay adoptions.The Virginia Supreme Court ruled Friday that the state must provide new birth certificates for children born in Virginia and adopted by gay couples in other states. The 5-to-2 ruling overturned a lower court’s decision that the state is not required to issue new birth certificates for such children. The case was brought by three same-sex couples denied birth certificates for their adoptive children. The issue is co-adoption legal in some states but illegal in Virginia. Although it permits single gays and lesbians to adopt, Virginia does not recognize same-sex unions.

* Equality Forum in Philly will make the wingnuts crazy. The huge celebration,will commemorate 40 years of the gay rights movement on May 1. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) has approved a historical marker recognizing the area around Independence Hall as the site of the first organized and annual gay and lesbian civil rights demonstration. Fred Phelps will be going to demonstrate and has challenged Barney Frank to a debate on homos.

* Colorado gay rights bill moves forward. Legislation to make discrimination against members of Colorado’s LGBT community passed the first of two Senate votes Thursday night. Going into the session it was unclear if the bill would have enough votes to carry, but the clincher came when Sen. Abel Tapia made a personal appeal, telling the chamber about the bias experienced by his own gay son. “Until you have that in your family and it affects you directly, don’t be talking about ‘abomination,’ because I don’t believe that’s true,” Tapia said.

* L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center asked Microsoft to give back its civil rights award. “Because of Microsoft’s apparent capitulation to the demands of anti-gay extremists and withdrawal of support for a bill that would do nothing more than protect gay and lesbian people from discrimination, we believe it’s no longer worthy of our highest corporate honor” — Darrel Cummings, chief of staff for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

The Bad and the Ugly

* Microsoft tosses gays overboard by withdrawing support for an anti-discrimination bill in Washington state. It would have banned discrimination against gays and lesbians in housing, employment and insurance — and it failed by one vote Thursday in the state Senate. “We have exposed bigotry and prejudice,” said Rep. Ed Murray, an openly gay Democrat from Seattle. “We didn’t win today, but we will win.” AMERICABlog has had extensive coverage of the damnable behavior by the $30 billion + company, which you should read. Blend posts are here, here, here, and here. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, released a lame email to attempt some butt-covering, but it’s pathetically bad: “Ballmer said that personally, both be and Chairman Bill Gates supported the gay-rights bill. “But that is my personal view, and I also know that many employees and shareholders would not agree with me.” he wrote.”

* GOP Threatens DC Mayor Over Gay Marriage. Republicans in Congress have issued a veiled threat to DC mayor Anthony Williams that if his administration recognizes same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts or Canada the District could face a battle over funding. Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) issued the warning after D.C. Attorney General Robert J. Spagnoletti issued a legal yesterday that legally married gay couples could file joint city tax returns. Williams told the Post that the D.C government “will have a decision soon” but declined to say whether the District would recognize same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts or Canada.

* Alabama wants to ban any texts that “promotes” homosexuality. Never mind this is a completely subjective measure, but the dumbasses lawmakers considered a bill aimed at keeping books tolerant of homosexuality out of public schools. A despondent lesbian activist, Patricia Todd, told a House committee: “I feel you all hate us.”

* Navajo outlaw gay marriage. The Tribal Council voted unanimously in favor of legislation that restricts a recognized union to that between a man and a woman, and prohibits plural marriages as well as marriages between close relatives. Critics have said the measure’s sponsor, Del. Larry Anderson, was attempting to rewrite cultural history to parallel the clash across the United States between conservative Christians and gay rights activists.

* Texas wants to bar gays from being foster parents. The Lone Star State could become the only state to bar gays from becoming foster parents under legislation passed by its House. It passed 135-6 with two abstentions and now heads to the Senate. “It is our responsibility to make sure that we protect our most vulnerable children, and I don’t think we are doing that if we allow a foster parent that is homosexual or bisexual,” said Republican Rep. Robert Talton, who introduced the amendment.

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