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Freepers feeling the heat on Bolton

Hahahaha. The knuckle-draggers over in Freeperland are white-hot with anger over Ohio Sen. George Voinovich’s refusal to vote to confirm the appointment of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. (AP):

Now the focus is on one committee member, Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio. Voinovich stunned the chairman, Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and his colleagues when he announced during the hearing that he had misgivings about Bolton.

The White House is now lobbying Voinovich and two other GOP senators on the committee to support Bolton, although Bush has not gotten involved personally.

To salvage the nomination, the White House probably will have to offer some “exculpatory information” to counter the daily trickle of new allegations about Bolton’s record, Lichtman said. In the end, however, he said it may depend on how badly the White House wants Bolton’s confirmation.

Take a peek at the anger at Voinovich and the Republican senators that so far refuse to vote on the nuclear option to kill the filibuster on judicial nominations.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“What a back pedaling, despicable, back stabbing, LIBpublican! Also, here is a LIST of (R)Senators who are REFUSING to support the constitutional option rules change for a fair up-or-down vote on the President’s judicial nominations!! Unbelievable!”

“12 people on that list. I wish some residents of their respective states would get in their ear.”

“Bolton is not going to get confirmed. I just have this feeling. THEY ARE ALL SWINES!!”

“”He’s not the kind of leader who cows to pressure from interest groups, he [Voinovich] said. No, he cows to pressure from the media. “

“Looks like the good Senator is about to face the music. He is about to be snapped out of his beltway myopia. He may have pleased the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. but he will find that his own constituents are not impressed.”

–Jeff Blogworthy

“I’m just so warm & fuzzy all over, knowing how HARD I worked for a Republican re-election with a MAJORITY! I’m absolutely DISGUSTED!”

“Border control, Bolton, Judges, DeLay you name it, the republicans deserve the pounding they’re getting from the people who elected them.”

“FAX THE SENATE. Faxing is a lot more effective than email, and you can do it from your computer. Remember this service? Free Online Fax Service: TPC.INT. This service covers all of Washington DC.
You can also use this service via email by using this format: For example, you can send a Fax to the The Senate Judiciary Committee office in Washington D.C. using this email address: Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Just click the links to find fax numbers. Find your senator and send him/her/it a fax “

“Great. The guy’s too dense to enjoy one of the perks of being the majority party – pissing off the minority party.”

“Bolton is not going to get confirmed. I just have this feeling. THEY ARE ALL SWINES!!

“Then recess appoint him. Problem solved (until next year).”

“Voinovivh will probably vote for Bolton. However, the damage has been done and spineless Chafee will now vote against him. They needed that vote on 4/19. More time meant good-bye Chafee.”

“Pretty good ad. These politicians have to learn that the days when we support them just because they have an “R” after their names are OVER!”

“A creative freeper letter, fax or email should be sent to these nerds explaining why their money tree is going to be a few leaves short of a screw pine.”

“I forgot about that. Who would have thunk Powell would go away with a grudge! Jeeze I thought he was a gentleman I guess not!”

“We gained HORRIFIC DISAPPOINTMENT! What’s WORSE? They don’t even seem to be affected in the least, by our OUTRAGE!!!!”

“Bolton is going to get confirmed. After all this silly, tortuous, posturing by the RINOS, Bolton will get an up and down Senate vote. I just have this feeling. “

“First, regarding Powell. His big “victory” was a UN resolution which delayed the invasion of Iraq nine months, allowing Saddam to plan the insurgency; next, he couldn’t get the Turks on board; last, he got rolled at the UN several times; So if he wins this one it will be a first. As this drags out, the DEMS will be associated with the UN as it is increasingly shown to be corrupt and ineffective. And, I think Bush is angry enough that if Bolton goes down the new nominee will knock their socks off, plus this time he’ll pay attention.”

“Too many Republicans are democrats in disguise. Rats have infiltrated the party. That’s all there is to it, and I think they’ll continue to come out of the woodwork on these crucial votes until we clean house.”

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