Get the white flags out and start ironing them

Looks like ConfirmBolton.com is going to have the shelf life of a bowl of potato salad left in a hot car:

The reason the White House is so worried about pushing the confirmation hearing back to May 12th is that they must believe that the Dems want to defeat Bolton more than the White House wants him confirmed. While it’s encouraging to see Cheney — a bona fide Bolton backer — speaking publicly, his remarks were fairly tepid, especially when compared to the VP’s repeated savaging last fall of Kedwards. All Cheney could muster was saying that there’s no evidence to substantiate the Dems’ claims; a better way to put it would have been the most honest: the Dems are lying. What the White House must do is launch a counteroffensive every bit as aggressive — and loud — as the Dems’ smear campaign. But in order for that to happen, the White House has to want Bolton confirmed more than the Dems want him sunk. Do they?

A week from now the ConfirmBolton people will be talking about how Bolton didn’t really want the job anyway…

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