Pygoscelis adeliae of destruction

Michelle Malkin, who based her career on the fact that we don’t profile enough swarthy types (before we put them in internment camps), complains that others aren’t being inconvenienced like she is:

Two Seaworld penguins walked into an airport…

My question: Why is it that TSA is allowed to use its metal detectors for a little photo-op fun, but the rest of us are subject to criminal penalties for making inappropriate jokes in an airport?

Okay. Here’s a little test in order to get a job with the TSA. Two passengers are getting onto a cross-country flight, both with one-way tickets. Neither has any luggage. Do you have a bad feeling about:

Passenger A


Passenger B

….Okay. Put down your pencils and close your books.

(Thanks to 100 Monkeys Typing for the image…again)

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