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Why the fight for gay rights should be important to all women

My fellow bloggrrl Shakespeare’s Sister eloquently makes the case in her post “Women, They’re Coming For You Next,” that straight women need to support gay civil rights efforts. It’s all about stopping the erosion of everyone’s rights by the American Taliban –they won’t stop with the homos.

The conservative brand of Christianity that is growing in prominence in America, and currently has designs on getting full-scale control of the government (which by the way has a name and we should all be using it: dominionism), has a history of sexuality and gender oppression that is inextricably linked. It’s no coincidence that dominionists are just as opposed to abortion and birth control as they are gay rights. Restricting access to abortion and birth control is about forcing women to cede control over their bodies. The underlying rationale—that they care about the fetus, the whole pro-life banter—is absolute nonsense. If dominionists cared about saving children, they would dedicate at least as much time and energy to solving the problem of poverty in America as they do to criminalizing abortion. That no such sweeping movement to relieve children suffering from poverty, or abuse, is afoot among dominionists tells you everything you need to know about their motivations. They do not care about saving children; they care about controlling women. And I can assure you, it won’t stop with abortion and birth control.

Sometimes you have to wonder how the narrow-minded legislators and religious bigots can even tie their laces and process a thought at the same time. It just doesn’t compute for them that straight people have anything to lose in the fight for gay rights. As we can see with the incredible assault on women’s rights, the Reich doesn’t know when or how to stop once they get drunk with power and the desire to control other human beings.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding