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OMG: Ken's new Barbie

Another bit of political P’shop brilliance from Mike Tidmus

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Pastor Ken Hutcherson.

I love Mike’s headline – “Looks like Papa’s gotta brand new hag!” It’s the damn truth. Check it out, especially the link to Operation Rebirth, a site dedicated to monitoring black churches with hostile positions on gay rights.

From the essay “Has the Black Church Failed the Same Gender Loving Community?” by Tuan N’ Gai of Biazo Ministries:

Instead of giving us an atmosphere of affirmation, we are more often than not treated with hostility. We need to know that the same God that loved and brought “Big Mama” thus far is the same God that loves us and is carrying us through our tough times. We need to know that the same Bible that’s being used to beat and bash our heads in, has words of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration for us. The same Word of God that most of the preachers of today use to kill us speaks to our many dilemmas and gives us victory over our issues, just like it does for everyone else.

So, HAS the Black Church failed the Black Same Gender Loving Community? In the ways that really matter…YES. The purpose of the church is to show the love of God to ALL people. The church’s JOB is to behave like the Bible says Jesus did. He walked and taught unconditional love, and received whoever would follow Him. Instead, the church has become this elitist religious social club that it’s become. Some have gone so far as to start HIV/AIDS ministries that offer testing and counseling. And that’s a very good thing…FOR THEM! They stand to get hundreds of thousands of dollars to operate these “ministries”. But what good does it do when they preach and teach that God hates the ones they are testing?

What’s the Same Gender Loving Christian to do? I suggest seeking more affirming spiritual homes of worship where the TRUE love of God is being taught and displayed. There are churches out there that are not prejudiced. Churches that provide a safe place of worship for EVERYONE. Seek them out. We need to start supporting those who support us. Lend our gifts and talents to those who will in return nurture and edify us spiritually. We must empower ourselves, and stop giving our all to organizations that in their ignorance have proven to have failed us.

The site is a great resource for locating affirming churches and has a feature called “Is This Your Pastor,” featuring reviews of recent anti-gay sermons, articles and books from pastors throughout the U.S.

Just a sample homophobic quote from a sermon:

That’s why you can’t even walk right when you doin’ that stuff. You hurtin’ ’cause it ain’t natural.”

— Bishop Paul Morton, God vs Gays

Don’t forget to grab and use Mike’s great Microsoft “Powered by Bigotry” logo.

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