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Kate and I were offline tonight, busy this evening cleaning out the clothes closet – how’s that for a hot Friday date? Did that until about 11PM, then –geek alert — I decided to futz with my blog template. The House Blend was looking a little junky lately, with random clumps of links and images strewn about. It felt like a comfy, but untidy coffee house — the sofas were raggedy, the stuffing’s coming out and the pillows on the floor with crumbs all over. Time for digital spring cleaning, I said.

The main changes:

* You can get back to the main page by clicking on the Home link or the logo of the site.

* Moved the Google search up to the top left area; makes it easy to search for prior Blend postings.

* Ripped off the code for ShakesSis‘s collapsing menus (which she says she ripped from Ezra). Click on them to see subcategories or additional links, click again to hide. (By the way, ShakesSis, mine are working in Firefox and the verboten IE.)

* Added a More About Me section (pet info, old hilarious diaries about surgeries, blah, blah – like you care, lol.).

* The House Blend Greatest Hits section (popular posts) is now called “Best of the Blend” and it’s still in the right-hand column, under the ads. That may move to a collapsing menu at some point.

* New feature: I’ve added The Dark Wraith‘s most excellent BlogScream news wire. Check it out; you can add it to your own blog.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding