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Spain nears approval of gay marriage and adoption

Gay rights campaigners cheers as the vote was read out.

Yes, while the American Taliban and its friends like Microsoft are supporting the cultural regression in the U.S., Spain is about to join other civilized countries that recognize gay relationships. (BBC):

Spain’s lower house of parliament has approved the right of homosexual couples to marry and adopt children.

The government-backed bill now passes to the Senate, where it is expected to get final approval in the coming weeks. The opposition centre-right Popular Party voted against, saying that gay relationships fall outside the traditional institution of marriage.

…Under the proposed bill, Spanish Civil Law would include the phrase: “Matrimony shall have the same requisites and effects regardless of whether the persons involved are of the same or different sex.”

Justice Minister Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar argued that the bill overcomes “the barriers of discrimination, many of them with deep historical or primitive roots, which affect rights and freedoms and, in a specific way, the extension of free choice in the search for happiness, an unwritten basic right“.

The vote in parliament was passed by 183 votes, with 136 against and six abstentions.

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