Swift Boat Editors for Eating Their Own

It’s not enough that Voinovich is being pilloried for not being a good soldier and lockstepping for Bolton, now they are questioning the fighting spirit of Chuck Hagel:

That some Republicans are willing to take at face value the Democrats’ personal attacks on Bolton is shameful. Sen. Chuck Hagel (R., Furrowed Brow) pronounces himself troubled by the allegations. But he supported John McCain for president in 2000 — since when is a docile temperament his test of whether someone can be an important public servant? Hagel is a fairly reliable conservative vote on routine matters. It’s just when the chips are down that you can’t count on him.

That would be this Chuck Hagel:

Hagel served in Vietnam with his brother Tom in 1968. They served side by side as infantry squad leaders with the U.S. Army’s 9th Infantry Division. Hagel earned many military decorations and honors, including two Purple Hearts.

John Kerry. Max Cleland. John McCain. Now Chuck Hagel. It seems the only person that they like in government who had anything to do with Viet Nam is the one who went AWOL.

I think there is a lesson here….

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