Yeah. I’m an intellectual. Can’t you tell?

The Artist Formerly Known as The Big Trunk writes:

My favorite magazine is the Claremont Review of Books. It is a quarterly that is the flagship publication of the Claremont Institute, the think tank whose mission is to restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in our national life. Each issue of the CRB is full of essays and book reviews by outstanding scholars and intellectuals who are sympathetic to the institute’s mission. (Subscriptions are only $19.95; subscribe online here.)

From Trunk Boy’s bio:

Scott W. Johnson is a Minneapolis attorney. For more than ten years Johnson has written with his former law partner John H. Hinderaker on public policy issues including income inequality, income taxes, campaign finance reform, affirmative action, welfare reform, and race in the criminal justice system. Both Johnson and Hinderaker are fellows of the Claremont Institute. Their articles have appeared in National Review, The American Enterprise, American Experiment Quarterly, and newspapers from Florida to California. The Claremont Institute has archived many of their articles here.

Odd that he didn’t mention that.

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