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Sully hand-wrings over Pope Ratz, and Freepers love it

Andrew Sullivan is understandably tortured about the complete dismissal of gay Catholics with Pope Ratz‘s elevation. I feel sorry (ok, not really) for the guy, first he’s screwed over by Bush/Rove, now this. It’s hard to be a Repug Catholic homo these days. Here’s a sampling (there’s plenty to pick from since he’s practically all-Pope-all-the-time of late):

Thanks for your emails both sympathizing and telling me to leave the Church entirely. But I am still in shock. This was not an act of continuity. There is simply no other figure more extreme than the new Pope on the issues that divide the Church. No one. He raised the stakes even further by his extraordinarily bold homily at the beginning of the conclave, where he all but declared a war on modernity, liberalism (meaning modern liberal democracy of all stripes) and freedom of thought and conscience. And the speed of the decision must be interpreted as an enthusiastic endoprsement of his views. What this says to American Catholics is quite striking: it’s not just a disagreement, it’s a full-scale assault. This new Pope has no pastoral experience as such. He is a creature of theological discourse, a man of books and treatises and arguments. He proclaims his version of the truth as God-given and therefore unalterable and undebatable. His theology is indeed distinguished, if somewhat esoteric and at times a little odd. But his response to dialogue within the church is to silence those who disagree with him. He has no experience dealing with people en masse, no hands-on experience of the challenges of the church in the developing world, and complete contempt for dissent in the West. His views on the subordinate role of women in the Church and society, the marginalization of homosexuals (he once argued that violence against them was predictable if they kept pushing for rights), the impermissibility of any sexual act that does not involve the depositing of semen in a fertile uterus, and the inadmissability of any open discourse with other faiths reveal him as even more hardline than the previous pope. I expected continuity. I didn’t expect intensification of the fundamentalism and insularity of the current hierarchy. I expect an imminent ban on all gay seminarians, celibate or otherwise.

Well, as he thrashes himself over his personal religious dilemma, perhaps he should take note at what his fellow Republicans, the pious Freepi, think of his agony about the state of the Catholic church. Andy, here are your good buddies…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“He was until he let his gayness trump his political common sense.”

“The more his election pisses off the liberals and the sodomites, the better I like him.”

“Andrew Sullivan’s politics and religion are dictated solely and entirely by his rectum. I never bought into the Great Sodomite Conservative hoax to begin with.”

“They ALWAYS let their gayness trump their common sense. Think about it… How much common sense does it take to realize that just because you have a round peg, does not mean that you stick it into any round hole you can find?!?? These guys have a mental disorder and they have the audacity to be proud of it.”

“This is the religious equivalent of having had four terms of George W. Bush only to find that his successor as president is Karl Rove. Be still my heart!”

“The thing that got me active in Republican politics was seeing a guy who is a member of the Log Jammin Republicans get into a position of leadership in our County central committee. I did some investigation into the guy and found that he was pro-homosexual marriage, pro-abortion and the only reason he was in the Republican Party was that he felt the party needed to change from within. When he started to gain visibility in the party, he took down his web page that promoted a radical homosexual agenda, but unfortunately for him I found out how to locate an archive of it and made that public.”

“Screw the “big tent”. If you let the tent get too big, you end up with a bunch of clowns in it.”

“Many of them are “libertarians” that join the Republican party because they think they can lie about their social positions and drive the party leftward on the social issues by emphasizing their anti-tax libertarian positions on the economic side… but their real objective is to eliminate opposition on the social issues.”

“Someone put Ben-Gay in Andy’s enema bag?”

“…Finally, Sullivan came out of the closet as the true lib he is. It semms some conservatives will overlook a lot to have a token homosexual on their team.”

“Perhaps Andrew is puckering and needs something to sooth the chaffing:”

“Andrew still doesn’t understand that The Catholic Religion is not a democracy. It is founded and run on principles of deeply held beliefs (and yes some members of the Church leadership do commmit serious sin)!”

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