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Caption this, all is well edition

Rummy and Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Gen. Peter Pace, gestures during a Pentagon news conference. Pace is expected to be named chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — doesn’t he look like he wants the job?

Meanwhile, all is well in Iraq, nothing to see here, move along…More than 50 bodies found in Iraq river.

The bodies of more than 50 people have been recovered from the Tigris River and have been identified, President Jalal Talabani said Wednesday. He said the bodies were believed to have been those of hostages seized in a region south of Baghdad earlier this month.

In a separate discovery, another 19 Iraqis were shot to death and left lined up against a bloodstained wall in a soccer stadium in the town of Haditha, about 140 miles northwest of Baghdad, an Iraqi reporter and residents said.


* Militant violence has surged in the past week, especially in Baghdad, with explosions often going off one after another in the morning.

* A car bomb exploded near a U.S. convoy in an area of western Baghdad where the notorious Abu Ghraib prison is located, settging an oil tanker on fire. Two Iraqis were killed and five wounded.

* Two other car bombs exploded in southern Baghdad. One missed a police convoy but hit a civilian car, killing two Iraqis and wounding four.

* The other exploded in a parking lot near Bilat al-Shuhada police station in Dora area, wounding four civilians, said police Lt. Hassan Falah.

* In Sadr city, a poor section of eastern Baghdad, gunmen in a speeding car fired on policeman Ali Talib as he walked toward his car, killing him.

* In another part of east Baghdad, gunmen attacked a Health Ministry car, killing the driver and wounding an unidentified passenger, said police Col. Hassan Jaloub.

* South of the city, one policeman was killed and two were seriously wounded when their patrol was hit by a roadside bomb in the town of Mowailha.

* Tuesday night, an attack by a suicide car bomber near an American patrol in southern Baghdad killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded four.

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