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Joseph Ratzinger of Germany is The Man

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He’s taken the name Pope Benedict XVI. Well, more of the same hard line. For those of you that are Catholic and progressive, you just got the finger.

The Vatican continues its descent into irrelevancy. More homophobia, more head-in-the-sand about contraception and AIDS prevention. No marriage for priests, no increased role for women in the church. I don’t even want to guess how he’s going to handle the church’s utter failing regarding its child-molesting priests. Sad.

Also: Fellow Bloggrrl Shakespeare’s Sister goes on a fabulous Pope Ratz rant — “Gay-Bashing for God” — over at Big Brass Blog.

I reject this pope, I reject his church, and I reject its teachings. I reject the notion that people I love are evil for being gay, or that any expression of love between two consenting adults is somehow sinful. There’s nothing sinful about love, and there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the way I love Mr. Shakes, and the way Pam loves Kate, and Mr. Furious loves Mr. Curious; I reject all claims to the contrary. And if that consigns my eternal soul to the fires of hell, then off I go, tra la la. I never fucking liked harps, anyway.

Thanks for the kind words about Kate and me; it’s validation we’ll never get from this pope. F*ck ’em.

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