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Dennis Prager: College produces homos

What a moron. Dennis Prager, wingnut columnist, has come to the conclusion, by interviewing a sexually confused college student, that homosexuality is culturally determined. It’s all about the Homosexual Agenda steamrolling the influence of heterosexual “normality.” (WingNutDaily):

Perhaps the most important argument against same-sex marriage is that once society honors same-sex sex as it does man-woman sex, there will inevitably be a major increase in same-sex sex. People do sexually (as in other areas) what society allows and especially what it honors.

One excellent example illustrating this is an article recently written in the McGill University newspaper by McGill student Anna Montrose. In it, she wrote:

It’s hard to go through four years of a Humanities B.A. reading Foucault and Butler and watching ‘The L Word’ and keep your rigid heterosexuality intact. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but it seems I no longer have the easy certainty of pinning my sexual desire to one gender and never the other.

Michel Foucault is a major French “postmodern” philosopher; Judith Butler is a prominent “gender theorist” at U.C. Berkeley; and “The L-Word” is a popular TV drama about glamorous lesbians.)

I interviewed Anna Montrose, a bright and articulate 22-year-old woman, on my syndicated radio show. She is a fine example of the type of thinking and behavior a homosexuality-celebrating culture — such as that at our universities — produces. “

DP: So you and I both believe that how people behave sexually, including which sex they will engage with sexually, is largely determined by society and not by nature.
AM: Yeah, I completely agree.
DP: Gay rights activists say the opposite. They say that whether you act homosexually or not is fixed; and I don’t believe it’s fixed necessarily at all and neither do you.
AM: But I think that [the activists’] argument has a political purpose, which is to counter the argument that heterosexuality is fixed.
DP: I agree with you. But we both think that they’re not telling the truth for the sake of making a political argument. Since we both agree that largely whom we have sex with and sexual behavior generally are culturally determined, the only question is: Would we like culture to determine [these things] one way or the other? I think ‘yes’ and you think ‘not’. I have a heterosexual preference because my values tell me that male-female love is the ideal. You don’t think it’s the ideal. Is that fair?
AM: I think that it’s one of many options.
DP: It’s not necessarily a good thing to teach heterosexual behavior as the ideal?
AM: Yeah.

Has it not occurred to either of these dimwits that sexuality is a continuum? If this woman feels her “fixed heterosexuality” is up in the air, perhaps it wasn’t fixed to begin with, hmmm?

Heterosexual couples produce and raise children assuming they are straight. It’s not surprising that many gay people take years to come out to themselves or to others, if ever. The social pressure to be het is enormous, despite my hard work on the homo agenda.

All the Foucault and “L Word” in the world can’t make someone jump in the sack with a person of the same gender unless they want to. I guess the issue for Prager is that he has to make it clear the sheeple that are too stupid to think for themselves when it comes to fornicating.

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