NotJenna waves from the fringes trying to get some attention. Any attention.

In our continuing series on the nurturing humanitarian efforts drunken carousing of Jenna “I’m the Pretty Twin” Bush, we find her acting like a Bush in a china shop:

SPEAKING of glamorous blondes. At the W Hotel, 49th and Lex, they’re still talking about the recent Jenna Bush drop-in. They’re talking it was, like, 2:45 in the morning. She wore a black dress and Michael Jackson-type cover-up scarf as sort of an attempt to hide that famous beautiful face, as in sort of hoping the crowd maybe wouldn’t notice her. Yeah, sure. Especially with that clutch of Secret Serviceniks trying to blend in. A late, late, late night, boozy, happening “in” place and dudes in trench coats with dark glasses, dark suits, earpieces, lapel buttons burbling into their cuffs are going to blend in. Yeah, sure.

Jenna sat to chat with a ladyfriend. Maybe 15 minutes. Then this First Twin got up and knocked over the glassware. It came crashing down whereupon the Secret Service came crashing over.

Like nobody noticed her, right? Nobody but the whole room.

Well. Cindy Adams sure seems smitten but managed to draw the line at mentioning Jenna’s pillowy lips and inviting decolletage (that’s French for the upper-boobal area).

Meanwhile no mention of Jenna’s post-college career working with disadvantaged minority otherwise-abled children, or was it teenaged-lesbian-vampire-ninjas?

It’s been so long I forgot which ones.

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