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Time, your slip is showing…publishes fake anti-Coulter photo

Real journalists check their facts, don’t they? Ooops, Time. The so-called professional journalists booted this one by using a photo of a fake protest group at the GOP convention. From Attytood:

Now check out this picture from last summer’s GOP convention in New York! Here’s the caption:

Demon and Idol: Protesters blast Coulter at the G.O.P. Convention in New York City last year.

As you can see, the shot shows Coulter with a red grafitti-style “X” over her mouth with a scrawled “ENEMY,” and calls her a “Reactionary Neo-Imperialistic Criminal.”

It also says the sign is from Communists for Kerry. That should have been a – pardon the hideous pun – red flag for those insightful Time editors. We know Time-Warner has had some accounting woes, but don’t these guys have Google up in Manhattan?

Communists for Kerry is a right-wing JOKE, guys — scroll to the end of this story and you’ll see how a credulous Fox News was also duped by these folks last summer.

Maybe the alert editors at Time could have noticed the sign directly behind the Coulter “protest” — it’s from a group called “Criminals for Gun Control.” Then there’s the sign on the right, “Liberating Iraqi Children from Tyranny is Co$ting Too Much,” from the infamous group called Protest Warrior.

As we reported last fall. Protest Warrior is a group of right-wing college students that went around to left-wing protests causing trouble. There appeared to be a close link between Protest Warrior and a Penn student named Scott Robinson who was linked in numerous reports last fall to the kicking of an AIDS protestor at the RNC in NYC last summer.

Anyway, this whole photo mishap shows just how much care and thought that the editors of Time put into their cover story on Coulter. It also just goes to show what happens when you so desperately want something to be true.

Even the Freepi are laughing at the mag.

(via AMERICAblog)

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