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Just because I think it’s so cool when smart teens blog:

Max at Maxestentialism on the upcoming Frist Christo-Fascist Justice Sunday: Those who believe in the supernatural in any form should not be trusted to make life-and-death decisions about other people’s lives. When I’m standing there as the accused, I don’t want my life in the hands of someone whose world is populated with capricious, vengeful, and imaginary beings.

And Mollie over at Behind These Hazel Eyes wins the Name Britney’s Baby Contest – get ready for it – Muffin Spears. It’s perfect. I’m tempted to go into a deeper analysis of the psychoanalitic appropriateness, but really it stands on its own.

And from Ben at Catalyst Blog we get this:

Milton (“Office Space“, 1999)

Bolton (“Undersecretary of State”, 2000-2004)

The comparison ends, of course, when we note that while Milton expressed his desire for, and later succeeded in, the destruction of Initech, Bolton has yet to see the UN “los[e] 10 stories“.

I don’t know about you, but there was no way I had it that together at that age to have such a clear voice.

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