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Mann Coulter is crying that her Time cover is distorted

The photographer, Platon, also shot Clinton for his Time cover with the same wide-angle/fish-eye lens.

Boo hoo. I am playing the world’s tiniest violin for her. No, your empty head is just too f*cking big for your bony-ass body, Ann. She moans to Drudge that she’s distorted. Well, on many levels, she is. No argument there. (WingNutDaily):

Coulter told Matt Drudge last night Time used a more flattering photo of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.

While the story itself, written by Time’s John Cloud, is generally quite favorable, Coulter and her fans are focused on the strange cover photo that seems to distort the image of the tall, thin, blond pundit.

“Is it just me or did they photograph Ann making her head look big?” wrote one fan on an Internet bulletin board. “It seems out of proportion to the rest of her toned body. Reminds me of the O.J. picture.”

“That is the most freaky picture of Ann Coulter I’ve seen,” said another.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding