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Lott to Chimpy: give DeLay 'aggressive support'

What humongous cojones Lott has! This from the man that stuck his well-polished shoe into his redneck mouth, publicly kissing the then-live-but-cadaver-like Strom Thurmond’s ass at the SC Senator’s 100th birthday. [He noted that if Old segregationist Strom had been elected president in 1948, “we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either.”] That bit of fun cost Trent his leadership post. He must still be smarting…

Guess he’s also hoping Chimpy will provide cover for the massively corrupt Tom DeLay since Lott watched his colleagues scurry like roaches in a NYC apartment when the light is cut on. (WaTimes):

“I do think the White House needs to remember that people who fight hard for you as a candidate and for your issues as a president … deserve your support, aggressive support,” said Mr. Lott, who resigned his majority leadership post because of the furor over comments he made in 2002.

“Again, he may feel that he shouldn’t get into the details of the workings of who the leaders are or how the leaders act in the House or the Senate. I read very carefully what he had to say last week. … I wish it had been more, frankly. Frankly, he needs Tom DeLay,” Mr. Lott told ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

…There is a tendency in Washington to “microanalyze every word, any inadvertent comment, and you need to be very, very careful,” Mr. Lott said.

“This is not something that just applies to Republicans. I think it’s unfortunate across the board, particularly on a personal and a human basis. … I think the president would tell anybody privately or publicly that Tom DeLay has been a strong leader, aggressive leader, and that he hopes he’ll stay in that leadership position,” Mr. Lott said.

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Pam Spaulding