Nothing sells like controversy or, in the case of People magazine, a dead Princess Diana…

Honestly. I have no idea exactly why TIME magazine thought it was a good idea to run Ann Coulter on the cover of this weeks edition. I mean, doesn’t Steven Speilberg have a movie coming out or something? And it’s not as if Coulter is really that well known. Sure, if you’re one of those who watch Fox News you may recognize her but it’s not like you’re going to purchase TIME which would require basic reading skills, some form of ambulatory ability to go get it, the social skills to ask for it, as well as the ability to make change in order to purchase it… so that demographic is out. She is fringe at best, known mainly to political junkies. So what was the point?

I guess it was a need for buzz. To choose something that was so off the wall that people would ask “What the hell is that?” (and if Ann had a nickel for every time she has heard that…). Maybe they were just trying to be (oooooo) “controversial” and figured they would get more attention with Coulter on the cover than they would with some of the other cover stories they are currently working on:

“Jesus: How Gay Was He?”

“Your Children Hate You and Have Weapons Under Their Beds”

“Natalists: Popping Out Babies Like A Pez Dispenser”

“You Are So Gonna Get Cancer”

“NAMBLA: But The Little Boys Understand…”


“Josh Groban: Someone Please Fucking Kill Him”

I’m gonna buy that one….

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