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The bony-ass, bed-worn b*tch of the Reich is on Time's cover

Why does this compulsive liar and bigot merit a cover, for god’s sake?

Anyway, my favorite part of the piece is the less-than-lukewarm rep she has with her too-scared-to-confront-her peers.

Some conservatives—many of them Coulter’s rivals for screen time, as she points out—have also drawn their knives. “Ann’s stuff isn’t very serious,” says a pundit who didn’t want to begin a public spat with Coulter. “We have this argument every now and then among our side: whether she is a net minus or net plus to conservatism. I have come to the conclusion that she’s a minus.” Even fans speak of Coulter in ways that suggest some distance: “I think Ann is a brilliant girl, and she’s got the quickest mouth in the East,” says the Rev. Jerry Falwell. “Now, I probably won’t use her on Sunday morning in my church because she is capable of getting a little aggressive.”

It would be easier to accept Coulter’s reasoning if a shadow of bigotry didn’t attach to many of her statements about Arabs and Muslims. At the reception after her CPAC speech, she mocked some of the more ornate claims of torture from suspected terrorists detained by the U.S.: “It’s completely insane stuff. ‘The government flew me to Las Vegas and made me have sex with a horse,'” she said to laughter. But then she added with a grin, “Liberals are about to become the last people to figure out that Arabs lie.”

A SHADOW of bigotry? Is Time daft?

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