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The eyes meme continues…

I was tagged by Shakespeare’s Sister to continue the meme of The Eyes Have It, a view into the soul of the blogger, as it were. I’m supposed to put up a few shots of my orbs, and perhaps it will inspire commentary. It was tough finding photos without my glasses. I’m blind as a bat without them. šŸ™‚

Pam’s Peepers

Ooops. That’s Bailey…slipped in dog blogging.

The tag torch is passed to:

My other Bloggrrrl, Ms. Julien, since she probably has tons of wonderful shots to put up, and she’s a peach (or perhaps, since she is in Miami, a citrus fruit of some sort). šŸ™‚

“Radical” Russ, since he’s been doing all the heavy lifting on a project we’re collaborating on. Nothing like adding more to do, eh Russ?

Fellow Big Brass Blogger TCF, just because he’s cool.

P.S. Who tagged me on that Book Meme? I’m a slacker this week. šŸ™

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