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My Democrat congressman voted for the bankruptcy bill

David Price (4th district), is generally reasonable on most issues, but he has sipped to corporate Kool-Aid on this one. (I actually met him back when he visited my old neighborhood). His web site’s logo says “Keeping in touch with the 4th district of North Carolina.” Right. Read this pre-programmed mantra.

“Many constituents have contacted me, wondering how this bill could potentially affect low-income people,” said Price. “There are important provisions in place to protect them, and filing for bankruptcy would continue to be an option for the overwhelming majority of people who need it.”

“Bankruptcy filings have increased by 400 percent in the past two decades, and filings continued to grow even during the period of high economic growth in the 1990’s,” said Price. “I am concerned about protecting the bankruptcy system against abuse, and I believe we should restore the system to its original role: providing a clean slate for consumers in legitimate and serious financial trouble, while easing the transition of others to financial solvency and enabling them to fulfill their obligations when they can.”

Hey David, stop by my new place for a visit. I’ll be waiting to play Celine Dion for you and show you my collection of pliers

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding