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Operation “Let’s Look Like We’re Doing Something Right”

Our friend The Disgruntled Chemist offers up the following thoughts about Operation FALCON, which — under the direction of Alberto “The Electrode” Gonzales — just rounded up 10,000 fugitives in one week:

To catch these guys, the agencies involved had to know where they were, right? Well, why didn’t they just arrest the fugitives as soon as they located them, instead of waiting to do it all in one week? You can’t tell me that, in one week, all these law enforcement agencies located ten thousand people for the first time and subsequently arrested them.

The whole thing reeks of a publicity stunt for new AG Alberto Gonzales, to convince the nation that he has their best interests in mind, and to make them forget that he just recently called for the entire PATRIOT ACT to be renewed.

How would I feel if I was the victim of a crime committed by one of these felons after police knew where they were, but before they were arrested in a high-profile sweep timed to make the AG look good? Mmmm…not so happy. It seems that anything this guy gets behind has to be motivated by bad juju.

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